Pros and Cons of Drinking Alkaline Water

Are you looking for a way to stay healthy without spending a lot of money on expensive miraculous products that claim to make you healthier over night? All you have to do is change your drinking water habits. Alkaline water, for instance, can make your skin, hair look healthier and better while improving your metabolism and energy. However, alkaline water comes with some disadvantages. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline water helps detoxify the body

Kidneys need water to process and eliminate toxins and alkaline water is ideal for a good detox. Toxins are the number one cause for aging and bad health. The toxins accumulate in the body due to poor nutrition, medication, synthetic additives, pollution and stress. These factors cause cell damage leading to premature aging. The best way to fight toxins and obtain body detoxification is by getting antioxidants from food and water. Acidic waste collected in the body can lead to serious damage to your health. Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity consumed daily and remove acidic substances from cells and tissues.

Antioxidant effects

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals. Since alkaline water has the ability to release electrons, it can block and effectively neutralize free radicals in the body. Many diseases can not thrive in an alkaline environment and therefore it’s important to have a healthy diet that consists in organic foods and alkaline water.

It can make your skin and hair look better

A balanced body, detoxified and hydrated in an alkaline environment will look better: the skin will be more elastic and your hair shinier more often. When the pH balance is kept under control by eating beneficial nutrients (vitamins, healthy fats) it can be more easily absorbed by the skin. This contributes to a more youthful appearance. Alkaline water also helps to loosen and eliminate water retention by the breakdown of essential fatty acids in food.

The cost of alkaline water is high

Because you need a special device such as a water ionizer, to make alkaline water, be prepared to spend more money on producing alkaline water. However, the end result is worth it, so getting a water ionizer could be very useful after all. If you don’t know which water ionizer to choose, we advise you to read a Kangen Leveluk sd501 review. as Kangen water ionizers are very effective and durable.

Water ionizer are generally capable of producing alkaline and acid water. However, keep in mind that only alkaline water is good for consumption. Acidic water can be used to keep your home sparkling clean, as it’s not fit for human consumption, so you might want to avoid drinking it.

Early Diabetes Symptoms

Unfortunately, nowadays, diabetes is one of the most common diseases that many people deal with. It is very important that we periodically do the medical tests recommended by our doctor, in order to discover this disease from the beginning when it will be a lot easier to treat it. If you are interested in this subject, then you must take a look at the following early diabetes symptoms.

You pee and you are thirsty very often

A person who is healthy will pee not more than 7 times in 24 hours. If you pee more often than this, then you should go to see a doctor, as this is one of the most common symptoms for diabetes. If you pee that often, then you will certainly get very thirsty which means that you will drink more water and pee again many times, which can be quite uncomfortable, especially when you are not at home. Therefore, in case this symptom persists more than a week, you must go and talk to your doctor.

Your skin is itchy and you mouth very dry

If this is what happens to you at the moment, then you must take into account the fact that you might suffer from diabetes. Your body uses fluids in order to produce the urine, which actually means that there is less moisture for other things. Therefore, you might get dehydrated, and your mouth could get very dry. A dry skin will definitely make you itchy.

You can’t see very clear anymore

If you can’t see very clear anymore, then the first thing you must do is to go and see an ophthalmologist. If he says that you do not have any problem with your eyes, then you must do other detailed investigations as well, because a blurred vision could be one of the early diabetes symptoms.

Unexpected weight loss

If you lose weight but you don’t do anything special for that, you should seriously go and see your doctor, as you could deal with diabetes. In a situation like this, your body won’t be able to take energy from food anymore, and it will burn muscle and fat for energy instead, which actually means that you will lose weight even if you haven’t changed anything in your lifestyle.

You feel weak

For all of us it is normal to feel weak once in a while, but if this symptom persists more than a week, then you must certainly have some medical investigations. Feeling tired and weak most of the times, even if you eat and sleep enough, it is a sign that you might suffer from this unpleasant disease. Remember that it is a lot better to discover a medical condition in the first phase due to the fact that you will have many chances to cure yourself.