How to Avoid Summer Heat Sickness

Summer is without a doubt a very beautiful season, but due to the high temperatures you can feel sick. Therefore, you must take precautions in order to avoid situations like this. Here is how to avoid summer heat sickness.

Hydrate properly

Hydration is very important, especially in the summer. If your body doesn’t get enough liquids and you spend most of the day outdoors, then you will definitely feel sick and even faint. In order to avoid a situation like this, you must drink around 3 liters of liquids a day. It is highly recommended that you drink still water, due to the fact that sweet and sparkling drinks can also make you feel sick. Remember that a good hydration is even more important than food. It will not only make you feel good, but it will also make you look incredibly good.

For a nice indoor breeze, get a tower fan

For a nice breeze in your home, you should purchase a tower fan. A unit like this will make the indoor air, pleasant and comfortable when the outdoor temperatures go high. You do not need to worry about the operating costs, as most of these devices are energy efficient. Moreover, they come in different shapes and sizes in order to meet everybody’s needs. Keep in mind to get a unit that can be used all year round as it will also warm up your home during the cold season.

Avoid fatty food

It is highly recommended that you do not eat at all fatty food when outdoors is really hot. By doing so, you will not only feel more energized, but you will also avoid being sick. You could go for salads, eggs, fish, fruits and dairy products. This is what nutritionists recommend us, plus as mentioned above, a lot of still water.

Dress correctly

In case you are wondering how to avoid summer heat sickness, dressing properly is one of the most important things you must do. The best things to wear are the ones that are 100% made of cotton. They keep the temperature of your body under control, and you will not feel as hot as you would feel wearing clothes made of other fabrics. Therefore, be careful what you have in your wardrobe for the summertime.

Stop doing physical efforts

Doing any physical effort when outdoors is really hot can make you feel sick and can also create other health problems such as headaches, nose bleeding, and even a heart attack. These sort of situations must definitely be avoided and you can easily do this by not making any physical effort whatsoever.

Can You Get Gas Poisoning from Propane Gas Appliances

You definitely care for your health and the health of your family members. To keep everyone including yourself safe, you have to be aware of a silent and colorless danger that might try to harm you all and this enemy is gas poisoning. If you want to find out whether your propane gas appliances are putting you and your family in danger of gas poisoning or not, read the following lines.

Gas poisoning symptoms

The symptoms of gas poisoning can make even the toughest of us fall to our knees. These symptoms include headaches, vomiting, chest pains, weakness, confusion and an upset stomach. In the extreme situation in which you inhale too much gas, it can even make you pass out and kill you. Therefore, don’t take the matter of gas poisoning lightly because it’s nothing to joke about. Fortunately, propane leaks are easier to detect than other fuel leaks. The smell of propane is much more pungent and it reminds of the smell of rotten eggs. This means that it will be easier for you to detect if a propane gas appliance is leaking or not.

Propane gas appliances that can endanger you

The most common propane gas appliances that people use are gas heaters, gas dryers, and gas snow blowers. They all put your safety in danger if you don’t check on them periodically and if you don’t do the necessary maintenance for them. But the problem is that you can’t go on without using these appliances anymore. Therefore, you have to find another solution to prevent gas poisoning due to their use.

How to prevent gas poisoning from propane gas appliances

If you know that you won’t always have necessary the amount of time to deal with the maintenance checks of these propane gas appliances you can replace them with models that aren’t powered by gas. This way you make sure that you won’t get gas poisoning. Instead of using gas heaters, buy infrared heaters. Modern infrared heaters are extremely safe to use. If you take a look at this dr 998 portable infrared heater review, you will see that this heater is very safe. It is electric so it doesn’t release any toxic fumes, it is cool to the touch and no heating elements are exposed. It also has an advanced safety feature that shuts the unit off if it gets tipped over.

You can replace the gas snow blower with an electric snow blower. The best part is that electric snow blowers are cheaper to run than gas snow blowers. Therefore, by making the change you will protect both your health and your wallet at the same time. Also, the gas dryer can be replaced with an electric dryer. The electric dryer is easier to install than the gas dryer anyway. All that an electric dryer requires is for it to be plugged in. It’s better to make these replacements and sleep better at night than to worry about your health all the time.