Real Health Benefits of Sauna Baths

Although you probably have thought that saunas are only useful in relaxing your body and helping you create social connections, you must know that your health can benefit in many ways from using the sauna. The following health benefits of the sauna bath will convince you that its efficiency is real.

First of all, using the sauna allows you to sweat much more than during any other type of exercise or therapy. The sweating takes place in the depth of the tissues, causing them to eliminate all the toxins that are being absorbed into your body every day. Many people rely on the sauna when in need for a deep and thorough detoxification. Instead of resorting to a detox program, you will receive excellent results while using the sauna regularly.

The sweating has another health benefits aside from flushing out toxins, which is helping you to lose weight. Not only you will be sweating and eliminating excess water, but your heart rate will increase significantly, which leads to burning more calories than during a workout session. During a 20-minute sauna session at a high temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit, you will manage to burn up to 500 calories as your metabolism will accelerate due to the dry heat.

A sauna bath can have excellent effects in improving your immune system and helping your body stay away from colds. During a sauna session, your body will create white cells that are responsible for your body’s resistance to infections and autoimmune diseases. This way, your body will be stronger in fighting diseases and your overall health condition will be improved.

Believe it or not, using the sauna can also benefit your heart as long as you keep a safe limit. Using the sauna every day for 15 minutes for around 2 weeks will help you improve your heart condition. The heat created during the sauna bath will dilate your heart’s capillaries and will improve the blood flow, thus resulting in a stronger and healthier heart.

Besides strengthening your heart and your immune system, a sauna bath can also improve your overall physical condition, can increase your resistance to effort and can help you recover from muscle soreness. In case you experience muscle pain prior to physical effort, get inside the sauna for a few minutes and your pain will start to go away due to the improved blood circulation.

While saunas are very healthy for most people, you should know that there are also some infrared sauna dangers that you need to be aware of. For example, seniors can experience heart problems if they use the sauna for too long. Moreover, pregnant women should avoid using the sauna. Even a normal person can experience health problems if they use the sauna for too long and they don’t hydrate properly.