Starting a low carb diet: these mistakes will sabotage your journey


According to experts, carbohydrates increase the blood sugar levels thus leading to chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia. People with diabetes, whether type one or two, and insulin resistance have the possibility to control their sugar level by lowering carbohydrate intake. More specifically, they can start a low carb diet, which increases satiety, reduces heart disease risk factors, helps with weight loss and improves mood. However, the following question inevitably arises: how do you start a low carb diet? People have the right to feel confused because they do not know what to include and what to eliminate from their usual diet, how to develop a meal plan for the entire week so that they do not cheat when feeling pressured by the lack of time, how to start being more active or how to cook new healthy recipes found on Ditching the carbs is not as easy as one might think. In fact, it represents a challenging process that over time should transform into a lifestyle.

The biggest mistake that will ruin your diet plan

The fundamentals of a low carb diet refer to inclining towards more nutrient-dense plant foods and healthy animal foods while staying away from sugar and flour, fizzy drinks, wholegrain cereals and pastries. If you enjoy baking, this process will become a potential impossible mission, but all you need to overcome all the obstacles is motivation and support. Instead of concentrating every day on the sweets and treats that you cannot eat, try to explore new recipes and replace old foods with delicious and healthy ones. From meat and fish, nuts and seeds to vegetables and eggs, fruits and milk, you have plenty of options at your disposal too prepare some amazing meals that you can even enjoy together with your partner or with the family. Constantly thinking about processes sugar drinks, pasta, starchy vegetables, cereals and cakes represents a mistake that will definitely sabotage your journey, not to mention that it will play ducks and drakes with your efforts. Unfortunately, this is not the only mistake people who decide to start a low carb diet make.

Other mistakes that you must avoid during your weight loss

Other common mistakes that we can easily add on the list refer to lack of planning, neglecting exercise, overlooking the importance of getting enough fiber, not eating plenty of vegetables, over-eating foods allowed by a low carb diet and being afraid of consuming fats. Starting with the basics, if you do to create a weekly plan once you start the new diet, you will most likely fall into the trap of old habits because it is more familiar and comfortable but think about the damage hitting a drive-thru would cause to your health. Exercise helps you lower insulin resistance, maintain or lose your weight and have a more positive mood so skipping this important part of your diet is a terrible mistake. Furthermore, finding a balance between the foods that you can eat and those that you should avoid will help you greatly.