Home Swimming Pool Sanitation Tips

No one enjoys spending hours to clean and sanitize the pool but it’s also something that shouldn’t be neglected. The good news is that pool maintenance and sanitation is not that hard as it seems, and with the proper tools anyone can clean and sanitize the swimming pool weekly. Read our article to learn some easy yet useful tips on making your swimming pool sparkling clean.

Use a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean your pool

Removing the dirt, leaves and other debris from your pool should be done daily and the best method would be to use a robotic vacuum cleaner. While skimming can be done with a manual pool cleaner, scrubbing the surface of the pool can be very challenging, but this is the part where the robotic pool cleaner comes handy, as it does all the work. You can see how that works here, on a website dedicated to analyzing and comparing automatic pool cleaners. Take a look at several models and see which one seems better for you. We advise you to also take a look at the blog section of that site, which contains a lot of great pool maintenance tips.

Clean the pool filter

Pool filters are used to capture impurities in water. Find information about the specific type of filter you are using, and read the cleaning instructions to clean it properly. Cleaning the filter too often can hinder its effectiveness. Make sure you clean it only when it’s necessary, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Maintain the water level

Keep your pool filled with water at all times. The water will evaporate naturally, especially during hot summer days and when it is used frequently. Keep the water level above the water line if you want to clean it easier. If the water level drops, simply fill the pool with a hose.

Consider the surroundings

The landscape around the pool can contribute greatly to the state of the pool. Remove any trees or bushes that can let a lot of leaves, twigs and seeds to get into the pool. They can block the flow and make it look less attractive.

Using chlorine to sanitize the pool

Without chlorine, bacteria are more likely to survive and multiply in the pool water. A swimming pool with chlorine or pH imbalance can create a serious problem. For example if the pH is too high it can prevent chlorine to destroy bacteria found in water. On the other hand, too much chlorine leads to changing the color of your hair and swimsuit. Chlorine is a harsh chemical substance, so it’s good to make sure that you don’t use it in excess and always follow the instructions on the product label. A perfect pool needs constant attention and regular checking of the pH and chlorine. Make sure you check these issues at least once a week.