The Risks of Consuming Drugs While Pregnant

Recreational drugs are never good for a pregnant woman. That’s a given. In fact, there are a plethora of things a pregnant woman is expected to avoid, including some foods and certain activities. Are you already pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant? Then you must stay far away from recreational drugs as much as possible if you must have a healthy baby.  Some of the drugs to watch against are:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

However, the drugs listed above are not the only ones that can cause harm to the mother and baby; there are some other drugs to avoid as a pregnant woman and your doctor can direct you about this.  If you are already using any of these drugs, it is time to put an end to them if you plan to get pregnant. If the drug use has become compulsive and you just cannot help yourself, it is high time to visit drug rehab centers for addiction. They can help to purge the drug out of your system and out of your mind using professional expertise.

Why you should stay away from drugs while pregnant

Aside from staying away from drugs before and during pregnancy, it is advisable also to stay away from substances like alcohol and caffeine.  These substances, including the drugs mentioned above, can have negative effects on the baby.

The drugs can penetrate the placenta and prevent the proper development of the baby. It is possible that the drugs may not have any effect on you, but it is not right to risk it since many pregnant women have reported developmental problems in their kids due to the compulsive use of drugs. The problem is that some of the effects of the drugs to the fetus do not appear immediately; they may not manifest until the child has reached school age and get registered at schools.

Studies show that most drug-using mothers will eventually give birth to drug-babies.  The babies will suffer from a plethora of problems, some of which may not manifest immediately after birth but will show up at a later age.     

What to do

If you want to keep your babies safe and free from the harmful effects of drugs, you should stop taking these dangerous drugs once you get pregnant or even while preparing to get pregnant. If you cannot help yourself, you can link up with professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary where they will proffer a holistic solution to the drug addiction problem.